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A Handcrafted Range of Clergy Stoles and Preaching Scarves

Clergy Stoles

All clergy stoles and preaching scarves are made to individual order by me using a mixture of hand embroidery, applique and machine embroidery. We have 6 ranges with over 100 beautiful designs comprising a mixture of traditional and
contemporary images. Our premium ranges span 4 liturgical colours with over 80 designs:

  • White Clergy Stoles for Weddings, Baptisms, Christmas and Ordinations.
  • Green Clergy Stoles for Trinity and Ordinary Time.
  • Purple Clergy Stoles for Advent, Lent and Funerals.
  • Red Clergy Stoles for Pentecost and Saint’s Days

  All clergy stoles in the premium ranges come with a FREE Visions Textiles protective bag in the colour to match the stole.

Stole Measurements

Clergy stoles are made to a standard size:

Length = 54″ (137cm) each side Width = 3” (7.5cm) at neck, 5¼” (14cm) at bottom.   Clergy stoles are made with a cross at the neck and with a V-neck.

If a different size is required please state when ordering (special request box) as any alterations afterwards will incur a fee of the order of £25 (dependent on work required) plus £5 return postage and packing.  

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