Visions Textiles

A Handcrafted Range of Clergy Stoles and Preaching Scarves

Bespoke Designs

I do enjoy creating bespoke stoles and vestments which makes your worship special to you and your congregation. As a Graphic Designer in an earlier career I appreciate seeing your doodles and sketches and bringing them to realisation in textiles. Should you feel you would like a personalised Ordination stole, or maybe a green stole to depict a particular scripture or parable please don’t hesitate to contact me by email at or call 07943 933488 to discuss what you have in mind. 

Once we have discussed your requirements and agreed a price I will begin.

The stoles and preaching scarf ranges available to purchase on the website which have a delivery of approx 4 weeks. As much as I love a deadline I much prefer to work at a steady pace so the process from design to completion of a bespoke stole can be from 6 to 12 weeks depending on the degree of work involved. Remember your stole will be an unique design for your special day and can be used at Christmas, Easter and Wedding services – something you might want to take into consideration what deciding on the design.

Prices are available on request.